Yes! Our plan will be to paint on prepared paper cut to 11x14 or smaller. This paper can be taped to a panel while working, then easily shipped back home in a box provided by your hosts. Don't worry about drying time--our hosts will be staying after to ensure works are dried before boxing up. Of course you are welcome to work in oils on any surface you like, draw, paint in watercolor, or simply take photos, though our group will not be shipping home works other than those on the prepared paper.

What supplies should we bring/what is on-site?

We will make available sheets of 11x14 prepared paper, 12x16 masonite panels, tape, foldable easels, Gamsol,  and wooden palettes. These will be at the villa when you arrive. We will also provide oil paint at a modest materials fee. Please let us know if you would like to use this option so we purchase enough. The only things you will want to personally bring are your brushes, a palette knife, and your Masterson Sta-wet palette box (easily packed in your luggage--though no knives in carry-on). At the conclusion of the workshop, we will safely pack and bring back your artwork to be picked up at The Compass Atelier.

what are temperatures like?

In the mornings and evenings the temps are pleasant (70's). But midday can be hot. Most days we will retire to the villa in the midday to rest, enjoy the pool, or paint indoors. Please be sure to bring suntan lotion, a large hat, and/or an umbrella.

do I have to do everything on the itinerary?

We have tried to craft a schedule that strikes that balance between showing you a good time but not exhausting you. We think every activity is worth-while, but any time you need to opt out, you can just enjoy some down time in the villa, pool, town, or beyond.

Can you accommodate my dietary or mobility considerations?

Please let us know as soon as you can about any dietary or mobility issues.  Email Glen at and Josie at

When should we fly out/back?

Travel to Provence from the DC area can occur by flying into Paris then taking the TGV train to Avignon. We can pick you up there (about 1hr drive). OR you can fly into Marseilles and we can pick you up there (about 1.5 hr drive). As we get closer to departure we can discuss whether we want to all fly together and what flights we will use. Same on the return. Some may also prefer to arrive before our tour or stay after to enjoy Europe. We are happy to advise anyone who needs assistance.

What is the refund policy?

We can offer a refund of the $450 deposit up until the March meeting (90 days prior to our departure) if your spot is able to be filled. After 90 days prior we cannot offer refunds. It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance.

I still have questions?

Please email Glen at or Josie at