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August 4-14, 2019

Glen Kessler will run a painting workshop at the vaunted Flemish Classical Atelier in Brugge (or Bruges, as we Americans spell it). Arrive and gather photographs in this historic and charming Medieval city on August 5. Then craft masterworks from your photographs in the Atelier under the excellent tutelage of the Compass Atelier founder and director from August 6-10.


Bruges is a historic fairy-tale-like city, and it is the birthplace of oil painting. Whether your interests are food (their chocolate, fries, and mussels are legendary), drink (their beer is reputed to be the best in all the world), architecture (with adorable gabled buildings and bridges galore), or art history (the Flemish Primitives were some of the first yet best oil painters in the history of the medium) you are sure to find days of intrigue throughout Bruges..


The Flemish Classical Atelier has played host to dozens of the world's top workshop teachers as well as offering its own course of regular study steeped in the traditions of master art-making. We are thrilled to have a superb host facility to work with.

Day 1

Take a walking/biking tour with Glen through the quaint and picturesque city of Bruges as we gather photographic images to paint from during our workshop. Glen will discuss composition, lighting, and color as we collect images in our cameras. Later that day, we will explore how programs like Photoshop can assist with further image refinement as we ready our image for painting.

Days 2-5

With our images selected, we will shift our venue to the gorgeous Flemish Classical Atelier where for the next 4 days we will craft our masterworks. Glen will lecture and demonstrate how to draw and mix color accurately, how to develop a painting in stages, and where to deviate from the photograph in the creation of a painting that is more than the sum of its parts.


Join Glen before and after the Workshop

Bruges is a city full of history and vibrant contemporary culture. It is also a short distance from vibrant art and culture hubs Brussels, Amsterdam, and even Paris to name just a few. You will almost surely want to add extra days before or after your workshop. 

Glen will be happy to share his before and after itinerary with workshop participants, and to offer his thoughts on art and art history throughout those journeys. Tentatively, Glen will plan to arrive August 3. On August 4, he will visit the Markt, Belfort tower, and the Historium to get acquainted with our host city. After the workshop, on August 11, he will visit the Groeningemuseum, the definitive museum of the Primitives. August 12 will be a fun trip to the Frietmuseum (museum of the potato) and a visit Chez Vincent for some of the world's best frites. Other destinations may include the cities of Ghent, Brussels, and Antwerp. And evenings during the workshop will always include the option to join Glen for a dinner or short sightseeing excursion.

Spouses and non-artists who want to join us for all activities other than the workshop, may do so for a $175 fee below:

Email Address:

AUGUST 4-14, 2019 (only 4 spots left)

Total cost: €1050

This is the cost for the workshop and tours. Transportation, room, and board are the responsibility of the participant. Early enrollees may be able to arrange for a group rate on accommodations and possibly coordinate travel.